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The Crooked House in the News


If He Builds It, Will They Come?

March 1, 2017     Maggie Anderson

"In 2004, Benjamin Fehl bought a house in Milesburg. More than a decade later, he’s finally created a home. But in the process, he also created a lasting piece of public art that’s nearly complete."

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Alumnus works to give 'Crooked House' a home

September 14, 2016     Amy Milgrub Marshall for the Penn State News

“The concept of home is so personal and at the same time so universal. We all have places we call home, but our home is more than a roof over our heads and somewhere to shelter from the weather,” explained Fehl. “Homes contain our history, our memories, and give meaning to our days. We sell and buy houses—we move our home with us wherever we go.”

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Local architect switches into high gear as project deadline looms

September 3, 2016     Chris Rosenbloom for the Centre Daily Times

In the end, though, home truly may be wherever you hang the proverbial hat. Fehl had never lived in one place for long before settling down next to the park site — a “quest for home” that partly inspired his idea for inviting visitors to feel “the essence” of a 19th-century home from his art without being in an actual house.

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Ben Fehl welcomes visitors to his ‘Crooked House’ vision

October 6, 2014     Kecia Bal for the Centre Daily Times

“It really takes somebody with a vision for a piece of history that loves the community to do something like this,” she said. “It’s not a piece of property. It’s not a house. It’s a home that’s been part of the town since the 1850s. It would have been such a loss to bulldoze it, and I think people see that.”

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Taking it To the Streets

Spring 2012     Christine Robinson for the SEDTAP News

Fehl states that “there is a delicate balance between preserving the history of our community through objects that tell the story of our shared experience and the value found in opening our most precious objects—our homes—for a more profound exploration of that experience and uncovering layers of meaning.”

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Graduate students present research to publiC

March 28, 2011   Anita Modi for the Daily Collegian

Benjamin Fehl, a Master of Fine Arts candidate from the School of Visual Arts, described his “Things About the House” project as a way to evoke the memories associated with a home.
His project involves the creation of a semi-public park in Milesburg featuring a cement casting of the front of a house built in 1857. Though the rest of the historic house — except the hearth — will be taken down, the simplistic cemented façade will serve to remind passersby of the essence of the home, he said.

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